#MicrosoftBandStand Giveaway 1 of 2


One giveaway after another! I guess its that time of year. I will try to do a lot more of these because they are pretty fun and people love getting free things! Raffle is at the bottom of this page!
I will be doing 2 giveaways of the Microsoft Band Charging Stand, each consisting of 4 different coloured charging stands from Shapeways. This time you can win red, pink, purple, and blue.  Click More to see the raffle (at the bottom) and some videos of the stand!

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I have 5 bare PCBs that I will be sending out to some lucky winners. They are for the PIDDYBOT so you can build your own! The raffle is below, requires you to follow on twitter, you can get other entries by tweeting about it as well. You need to use your email to sign up, but I won’t email anyone about anything other than this raffle. This is a trial run for me using RaffleCopter, so hopefully it goes smoothly!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Microsoft Band Charging Stand on Shapeways


There is nothing more frustrating than losing a cable behind your desk or bedside table. This is a problem I encountered with my new Microsoft Band. I believe there have been some reports of a charging stand either in the works or buried somewhere at Microsoft(I think I saw a drawing of one?). It doesn’t seem like they have plans to release it any time soon. I decided to take it upon myself to design my own.

Thanks to Shapeways you can now buy your very own Microsoft Band charging stand. Also, it lets you use your band as a bedside clock. Video after the jump!

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Quick Fix: Estes Proto X Motor Replacement

protoxfixmotor-8title The other day one of the motors died out on my most used desk toys. It provides a nice 6-7 minute break when I remember that it has charged; it needed to be fixed ASAP(it keeps me sane through all the work). This one was very quick and easy. Anyone with a steady hand with a bit of soldering skill could do it. When I say “quick” I mean literally less than a minute to replace a motor on the Estes Proto X Nano.

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#PIDDYBOT – A needed update!



I had a couple emails informing me that Sparkfun is no longer selling the motors I use for the PIDDYBOT! Not to fear for I have an updated body for the motors they do carry. On top of that I have also made an updated board that uses Bluetooth and its available on OSHPark. The bluetooth allows you to drive your PIDDYBOT around with your android device! Since I updated the board I changed some components around. This quick post will have a list of updated components but the build is pretty much the same. Click More to see the parts list! And a Sneak peek at the new PIDDYBOT.

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TI CC11X 868/915mhz RF Breakout.



After looking around for some eagle files for the CC110L, I failed to find anything that was as simple as”copy and paste”. I found the design notes for it and decided to create my own breakout board for testing. For those who don’t know, the TI CC11X are a series of low power RF modules. They are used in the Anaren boost pack and are great for low power RF projects. There are a bunch of development boards to work with but there are no open source eagle files(that I could find) for easily placing this module into your project. I just finished and ordered a set from OSHpark. If you’re brave(I haven’t tested them yet) you can order a set for $5.00 for three,by clicking the link above or using the eagle files below. Its up to you to check the files yourself. Or you can check back in a month when I have had time to test the board layout. Be warned the design calls for 0402 components, which I have used in the eagle files. Click more to get to the Eagle files!

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New Updates, Projects, Directions, and Hardware(Pi!)


With the Wearable-Tech conference finally at bay I feel as though some weight has been lifted and I can begin working – or continue to work – on other projects that I have been scrambling around in my head. PIDDYBOT, for one, is long overdue for an update and I now know the direction it will be going in. I’m hoping to clean up the design and make it more affordable.  There are a few robots that I will be adding to the educational line up that will hopefully make their way out of the framework soon. I am in the process of developing the design of a new human interface device, which is in the form of a ring and uses some amazing technology. On top of that a new Raspberry Pi has been released today, and I am going to be picking one up ASAP.

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Speaking at the Wearable Technologies Conference

Wearable Tech. Conference

Wearable Tech. Conference

Just got off a Red-eye flight this morning in Toronto after spending a week in San Francisco to attend the Wearable Technologies conference. What an awesome experience! The Conference was great, there were so many great networking opportunities, and I met some cool people. This was by far the largest audience I have ever presented to, and I feel like it could not have gone better; though there were some hiccups along the way…

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Reverse Entropy: Candy Sorting Machine Gift


Every so often while browsing the internet I will come across a project  that I absolutely have to make. When I stumbled upon IVC’s Candy Sorting Machine, this was absolutely the case. When my girlfriend eats skittles, she does so by colour – don’t ask me why, she just does it that way. When I watched the video of the candy sorting machine on YouTube, I knew it was going to be the perfect gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. Since this was going to be a gift for someone I really wanted to create it as if it was a consumer product in terms of design. I wanted it to be simple to use and designed so anyone can just turn it on and and it will sort. Video and pictures after the Jump!

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Wearable-Technology Conference in San Fran!

Ring Blinking

On the 8th and 9th of July 2014, there will be an annual wearable-technology conference held in San Francisco. I believe this is the 12th conference Wearable Technologies has organized. This year I have been asked to speak at the conference about my Peltier Ring! You can see the details about the conference here:


I am very excited to see all of the new technologies that will be shown at this event. Also excited to go back to San Fran. If anyone – makers, hackers, fans – want to see the ring and are not able to attend the conference, please let me know, I will be exploring the city all week and networking as much as possible! I would love to check out some hackerspaces as well. If anyone knows the hot spots, let me know!