DIY NFC Bentwood Rings

NFC Bentwood Ring

I have known about the NFC ring for some time, and I thought they were a really cool idea. I was considering buying one for quite some time, but never really got around to it(happens a lot). More recently completely unrelated to that I had seen a number of videos on YouTube about making bentwood rings. One of my interests is working with wood, and although I don’t do it much now, I want to start working with it more. I had planned to make these ring for some time, but it wasn’t until my friend wanted to make his engagement ring out of wood did the materials finally end up in my hands. Video after the jump.

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KickStarter: PiAngle – A Plug-n-Play Raspberry Pi Zero USB Hub

PiAngle Zero

KickStarter Here:

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a remarkable technological achievement. It’s hard to believe what $5 (well, nearly $7 CAD…) will buy you these days. For someone like me who uses a Pi almost every day of my life, I’m simply amazed by it. For me, the Pi Zero is perfect as 90% of my uses for the Pi come from using the command line and the GPIO, so the pi zero has everything I need. However, I don’t believe this is true for a large number of Pi users, and more specifically the large number of newcomers who are just beginning to delve into the world of tiny computers. The tiny Pi Zero being so incredibly inexpensive, its finally drawn in those last hesitant individuals who were questioning whether or not to spend the money and “play” around with one. That is where the PiAngle comes into play. Video and more images after the jump!

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3D Printed Raspeberry Pi Heatsink Fan Mount

IMG_3036-EditI discovered these tiny 15,10, and 8mm fans quite a while ago, and I finally decided to make something with them. Behold! the Tiny Rasp Pi Heatsink Fan mount. I wanted to replicate a large computer heatsink in small scale for the Pi. It holds a fan on each side, but I only have one in my possession right now.


I haven’t designed the circuitry to drive it from the pi yet(temperature speed control!) but you can already order yours at shapeways if you like.

Lots of pictures after the jump.

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BeMe Remote Shutter – Quick Project

Beme Remote Shutter

Back when I first started this site I made a very simple “rig” for doing timelapses on the new (at the time) app Vine. Check it out here. Now the latest big app is called BeMe, and it also has an interesting way to begin recording; you have to cover the proximity sensor. Its designed like this so that you always will be near the phone and it will be your perspective when recording, and you’re not allowed to do anything else! Challenge accepted. Video after the Jump.

Here is my very quick BeMe remote shutter.


Parts used:

Right now since its so hacked together the RF doesn’t like to communicate when the servo moves which means it drops out when you trigger it. As a quick fix I modified the code to just trigger and wait the minimum time for the BeMe to post. As a real fix I could add a transistor to power the servo so that when its not moving its powered off.


Open Source – Non-Invasive Glucose Meter Project

Title_NIRCGMProject can be followed via, Click here to view it.

I’m sure we are all now aware of the rapidly increasing epidemic that is Diabetes. I myself am part of those statistics. That is just my way of saying I also have it. We’re all just statistics to our healthcare systems. We’re not individuals where they care about how our lives work and if they’re actually able to help or not. They look at some statistics, and then make everyone conform to the average. I personally don’t agree with this practice. Humans are not the same, we are all different. One thing that works for one group of people, isn’t going to work for another group. We need variety in our choices on how to manage our personal lives for a number of reasons. One of those major contributing factors in this is money(isn’t it always?). In North America alone there are many people struggling to pay for their medical expenses and have a lower quality of life because of it. Test strips alone are a huge nuisance on a person who is managing their Diabetes. Knowing this information, and the fact that it also directly affects me as well, I decided to look into other methods of glucose monitoring. Video after the jump.

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