#PIDDYBOT – A needed update!



I had a couple emails informing me that Sparkfun is no longer selling the motors I use for the PIDDYBOT! Not to fear for I have an updated body for the motors they do carry. On top of that I have also made an updated board that uses Bluetooth and its available on OSHPark. The bluetooth allows you to drive your PIDDYBOT around with your android device! Since I updated the board I changed some components around. This quick post will have a list of updated components but the build is pretty much the same. Click More to see the parts list! And a Sneak peek at the new PIDDYBOT.

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TI CC11X 868/915mhz RF Breakout.



After looking around for some eagle files for the CC110L, I failed to find anything that was as simple as”copy and paste”. I found the design notes for it and decided to create my own breakout board for testing. For those who don’t know, the TI CC11X are a series of low power RF modules. They are used in the Anaren boost pack and are great for low power RF projects. There are a bunch of development boards to work with but there are no open source eagle files(that I could find) for easily placing this module into your project. I just finished and ordered a set from OSHpark. If you’re brave(I haven’t tested them yet) you can order a set for $5.00 for three,by clicking the link above or using the eagle files below. Its up to you to check the files yourself. Or you can check back in a month when I have had time to test the board layout. Be warned the design calls for 0402 components, which I have used in the eagle files. Click more to get to the Eagle files!

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New Updates, Projects, Directions, and Hardware(Pi!)


With the Wearable-Tech conference finally at bay I feel as though some weight has been lifted and I can begin working – or continue to work – on other projects that I have been scrambling around in my head. PIDDYBOT, for one, is long overdue for an update and I now know the direction it will be going in. I’m hoping to clean up the design and make it more affordable.  There are a few robots that I will be adding to the educational line up that will hopefully make their way out of the framework soon. I am in the process of developing the design of a new human interface device, which is in the form of a ring and uses some amazing technology. On top of that a new Raspberry Pi has been released today, and I am going to be picking one up ASAP.

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Speaking at the Wearable Technologies Conference

Wearable Tech. Conference

Wearable Tech. Conference

Just got off a Red-eye flight this morning in Toronto after spending a week in San Francisco to attend the Wearable Technologies conference. What an awesome experience! The Conference was great, there were so many great networking opportunities, and I met some cool people. This was by far the largest audience I have ever presented to, and I feel like it could not have gone better; though there were some hiccups along the way…

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Reverse Entropy: Candy Sorting Machine Gift


Every so often while browsing the internet I will come across a project  that I absolutely have to make. When I stumbled upon IVC’s Candy Sorting Machine, this was absolutely the case. When my girlfriend eats skittles, she does so by colour – don’t ask me why, she just does it that way. When I watched the video of the candy sorting machine on YouTube, I knew it was going to be the perfect gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. Since this was going to be a gift for someone I really wanted to create it as if it was a consumer product in terms of design. I wanted it to be simple to use and designed so anyone can just turn it on and and it will sort. Video and pictures after the Jump!

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Wearable-Technology Conference in San Fran!

Ring Blinking

On the 8th and 9th of July 2014, there will be an annual wearable-technology conference held in San Francisco. I believe this is the 12th conference Wearable Technologies has organized. This year I have been asked to speak at the conference about my Peltier Ring! You can see the details about the conference here:


I am very excited to see all of the new technologies that will be shown at this event. Also excited to go back to San Fran. If anyone – makers, hackers, fans – want to see the ring and are not able to attend the conference, please let me know, I will be exploring the city all week and networking as much as possible! I would love to check out some hackerspaces as well. If anyone knows the hot spots, let me know!



#PrintADay Challenge – Make a Part Everyday

SFE Logo Keychain

SFE Logo Keychain

Today I will start a challenge I have made for myself. I want to design and upload a 3D printable part to http://www.thingiverse.com/ everyday. It doesn’t have to be complex or intricate, just any shape, design, logo, keychain, or device I so choose to make.  It could take 5 minutes or all day(hopefully not all day). Anyone is welcome to join, just be sure to tweet your prints with #printaday.

Today I have done a SparkFun Logo Keychain. Keep an eye out for daily uploads! I will take requests as well. (email me)

#PIDDYBOT Parts Giveaway!

I’ve been tweeting about this for some time now and today it finally happened. Once my twitter account reached 100 followers I would begin a #PIDDYBOT parts giveaway; spare PCBs and 3d-printed chassis. We are now at 100 followers! If you don’t have access to a 3d printer, or don’t want to order three PCBs off of OSHpark then join in the draw!

I will be giving away(shown above):

  • 3 – V2 PIDDYBOT Printed Circuit Boards
  • 2 – 3D Printed Bodies


  1. First you must be following @IHPArchives on twitter.
  2. Keep an eye out for #PIDDYBOT contest and giveaway tweets and Retweet them. Only 1 Retweet required for entry. OR Instead Retweeting you can simply tweet using the button below, don’t change the message to ensure I notice your entry.

After doing those two steps you will receive a PM from me on Twitter notifying you of your entry. If you don’t get a PM from me, send me one. Don’t want anyone missing out.
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