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Arduino Vine Time-Lapse Rig


Vine is a bit of a rage at the moment, and I have to admit I find it kind of cool. Except the whole making a 6 second video isn’t really my thing, as they are not the kind of ideas that come into my head. One of the most used type of videos I make are Time-lapse. I make them with my DSLR for when I’m working on projects, and have even made a slider rig using an Arduino(I will post in the future). I wondered if it would be possible to do a time-lapse on the Vine app. I haven’t seen it done yet(I didn’t look very hard, as to not discourage my motivation) so I came up with an idea to make it work. Since you are confined to using the Vine app, and for those who have not used it, you have to touch the screen to record video, and when you stop touching it the recording stops. This makes doing scenes and cuts really easy, but hard to do anything but simple video. Instead of making quick videos I had the idea to make stills instead. The design would have to be something that would mimic a quick tap of the screen with a finger. Continue reading


On Going Project: Autonomous Scale Vehicle


I’m currently in my last year of University and one of the courses I’m required to take is called Technical Report. The basis of this course is to create a project, document everything, create logs, presentations, and finally a professional report on the project at the end. For awhile now I have had the idea of entering SparkFun’s Autonomous Vehicle Challenge but didn’t really have the time away from school to take on the project. When I was telling a friend the idea of entering, he suggested I try to make the Challenge my TR Project. Well my professors actually loved the idea, and so began this project. An added benefit is they would be able to fund a few things, at the expense of having to leave the things they buy with the school.
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A Good Day for a New Site.

On May 13th a new site is born, and coincidentally so was I 25 years ago today. My name is Sean Hodgins and I have created the Idle Hands Project Archives with my friend Abdul Shehata. The Idle Hands Project should bring you many hacks, codes, and completely useless gadgets in the near future. Harmless in nature these posts will include but are not limited to, Arduino projects, robotics, programming, wifi and bluetooth hacking, and anything and everything computers. Intrigued by home hackers of all sorts we would love to see your own projects, so please feel free to send them to . This site will mainly be dedicated to our own projects, but are not apposed to posting those of other that are impressive and fitting to the site. Stop by and look out for upcoming updates for newly posted projects.

Now its time to work on a site design and log; But maybe I will sleep first.

-Sean Hodgins