3D Print: Estes Proto X Nano Quadcopter Carrying Case



UPDATE: I made a better case which is available on Shapeways! Its Awesome and Small! Go here to get one: http://shpws.me/AccM

Here is a picture:

I received one of the new Proto X Nano Quadcopters as a gift this Christmas and I have to say, I haven’t stopped playing with it yet. I’ve seen number of posts about people wishing that it came with a case; I decided to design one myself and upload it to Thingiverse. I don’t have access to a printer at the moment, but it should be pretty accurate(here is to hoping).

I started by getting an accurate outline of the PCB that makes up the frame of the tiny quadcopter. I used measurements to correlate with the photo.

Proto X Nano Frame

Proto X Nano Frame

After that it was just deciding how I was going to secure it. I figured the center would be the most stable and have enough area to hold it in place and stop movement. It just uses a simple elastic band to hold it in place. Of course the other option is to put a piece of foam on the lid and when you snap the lid down it will push on the body. Either way should work fine.

Inside Case

Inside Case

The center section will hold it from sliding around, and the elastic tie downs will keep it in place. Let me know if it needs improvements.


Download it here on thingiverse.




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