3D Printed Raspeberry Pi Heatsink Fan Mount

IMG_3036-EditI discovered these tiny 15,10, and 8mm fans quite a while ago, and I finally decided to make something with them. Behold! the Tiny Rasp Pi Heatsink Fan mount. I wanted to replicate a large computer heatsink in small scale for the Pi. It holds a fan on each side, but I only have one in my possession right now.


I haven’t designed the circuitry to drive it from the pi yet(temperature speed control!) but you can already order yours at shapeways if you like.


Lots of pictures after the jump.

IMG_3036-2 IMG_3037-2 IMG_3038-2 IMG_3039-2 IMG_3040-2 IMG_3041-2 IMG_3043-2 IMG_3046-2Heatsink : http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5518/vid-82/Enzotech_Forged_Copper_VGA_Memory_Heatsink_Multipack_-_ATI_and_nVidia_-_14mm_x_14mm_x_14mm_BMR-C1.html


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