DIY NFC Bentwood Rings

NFC Bentwood Ring

I have known about the NFC ring for some time, and I thought they were a really cool idea. I was considering buying one for quite some time, but never really got around to it(happens a lot). More recently completely unrelated to that I had seen a number of videos on YouTube about making bentwood rings. One of my interests is working with wood, and although I don’t do it much now, I want to start working with it more. I had planned to make these ring for some time, but it wasn’t until my friend wanted to make his engagement ring out of wood did the materials finally end up in my hands. Video after the jump.

We made a few wood rings for practice and finally my friend had one that was good enough for his ring. After we were done I jokingly suggested that he put an NFC tag in it with some special information on it about the relationship or his wife that he would hang on to forever. With only him knowing it was in there. Suddenly I realized I had to make one for myself instead.  It was so obvious! Hidden NFC tag, wood ring, no one would have a clue to think its in there. Its a very simple process and I have an Instructables on it and a video, which you can watch below:


Try it out yourself! Here is a HackADay.IO link for the parts and things.


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