KickStarter: PiAngle – A Plug-n-Play Raspberry Pi Zero USB Hub

PiAngle Zero

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The Raspberry Pi Zero is a remarkable technological achievement. It’s hard to believe what $5 (well, nearly $7 CAD…) will buy you these days. For someone like me who uses a Pi almost every day of my life, I’m simply amazed by it. For me, the Pi Zero is perfect as 90% of my uses for the Pi come from using the command line and the GPIO, so the pi zero has everything I need. However, I don’t believe this is true for a large number of Pi users, and more specifically the large number of newcomers who are just beginning to delve into the world of tiny computers. The tiny Pi Zero being so incredibly inexpensive, its finally drawn in those last hesitant individuals who were questioning whether or not to spend the money and “play” around with one. That is where the PiAngle comes into play. Video and more images after the jump!

These new users are more than likely to feel comfortable with a desktop environment. Not only that but they will likely want to have a dedicated mouse and keyboard(I say dedicated because there are other ways.) to play around with their new Pi Zero.

I decided to design a Plug-n-play 4 port USB hub that directly connects to the Pi Zero; it will provide power as well.

I created the PiAngle and I am now doing my first KickStarter with it. You can check it out here:

Connceted to Pi Zero

Next to Pi ZeroPopulated BackUSB PortsUnpopulated Back

As with most of my projects, this will be open source. When the KickStarter has finished the files will be publicly available. It was designed in KiCad.


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