New Updates, Projects, Directions, and Hardware(Pi!)


With the Wearable-Tech conference finally at bay I feel as though some weight has been lifted and I can begin working – or continue to work – on other projects that I have been scrambling around in my head. PIDDYBOT, for one, is long overdue for an update and I now know the direction it will be going in. I’m hoping to clean up the design and make it more affordable.  There are a few robots that I will be adding to the educational line up that will hopefully make their way out of the framework soon. I am in the process of developing the design of a new human interface device, which is in the form of a ring and uses some amazing technology. On top of that a new Raspberry Pi has been released today, and I am going to be picking one up ASAP.

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Speaking at the Wearable Technologies Conference

Wearable Tech. Conference

Wearable Tech. Conference

Just got off a Red-eye flight this morning in Toronto after spending a week in San Francisco to attend the Wearable Technologies conference. What an awesome experience! The Conference was great, there were so many great networking opportunities, and I met some cool people. This was by far the largest audience I have ever presented to, and I feel like it could not have gone better; though there were some hiccups along the way…

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Reverse Entropy: Candy Sorting Machine Gift


Every so often while browsing the internet I will come across a project  that I absolutely have to make. When I stumbled upon IVC’s Candy Sorting Machine, this was absolutely the case. When my girlfriend eats skittles, she does so by colour – don’t ask me why, she just does it that way. When I watched the video of the candy sorting machine on YouTube, I knew it was going to be the perfect gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. Since this was going to be a gift for someone I really wanted to create it as if it was a consumer product in terms of design. I wanted it to be simple to use and designed so anyone can just turn it on and and it will sort. Video and pictures after the Jump!

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Wearable-Technology Conference in San Fran!

Ring Blinking

On the 8th and 9th of July 2014, there will be an annual wearable-technology conference held in San Francisco. I believe this is the 12th conference Wearable Technologies has organized. This year I have been asked to speak at the conference about my Peltier Ring! You can see the details about the conference here:

I am very excited to see all of the new technologies that will be shown at this event. Also excited to go back to San Fran. If anyone – makers, hackers, fans – want to see the ring and are not able to attend the conference, please let me know, I will be exploring the city all week and networking as much as possible! I would love to check out some hackerspaces as well. If anyone knows the hot spots, let me know!



#PrintADay Challenge – Make a Part Everyday

SFE Logo Keychain

SFE Logo Keychain

Today I will start a challenge I have made for myself. I want to design and upload a 3D printable part to everyday. It doesn’t have to be complex or intricate, just any shape, design, logo, keychain, or device I so choose to make.  It could take 5 minutes or all day(hopefully not all day). Anyone is welcome to join, just be sure to tweet your prints with #printaday.

Today I have done a SparkFun Logo Keychain. Keep an eye out for daily uploads! I will take requests as well. (email me)

#PIDDYBOT Parts Giveaway!

I’ve been tweeting about this for some time now and today it finally happened. Once my twitter account reached 100 followers I would begin a #PIDDYBOT parts giveaway; spare PCBs and 3d-printed chassis. We are now at 100 followers! If you don’t have access to a 3d printer, or don’t want to order three PCBs off of OSHpark then join in the draw!

I will be giving away(shown above):

  • 3 – V2 PIDDYBOT Printed Circuit Boards
  • 2 – 3D Printed Bodies


  1. First you must be following @IHPArchives on twitter.
  2. Keep an eye out for #PIDDYBOT contest and giveaway tweets and Retweet them. Only 1 Retweet required for entry. OR Instead Retweeting you can simply tweet using the button below, don’t change the message to ensure I notice your entry.

After doing those two steps you will receive a PM from me on Twitter notifying you of your entry. If you don’t get a PM from me, send me one. Don’t want anyone missing out.
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Teaser Video: Energy Harvesting Ring Project

Just got the latest revision of my energy harvesting ring PCB and soldered it together. Here is a short teaser video showing it light up. You don’t see much! I stuck my hand outside due to the fact that the heat of my house is too warm to get it lighting without air movement. Its still requires around 40mV to get it going but will continue to blink slowly at around 20mV. I feel as though with an actual TEG module such as the eTEG HV56 it will be on much more frequently. Right now I’m only using a small peltier module not made for generating. I’m still very satisfied with my results. A couple pictures after the Jump!

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