Piezo Energy Harvester – LTC3588 Demo Board

Piezo Energy HarvesterI built this energy harvesting board quite some time ago to experiment with piezo energy harvesting. It is based on the Linear Tech LTC3588 IC and allow Mide Piezo elements(and any others) to easy plug into it. I am showing you today because it will soon be available on Tindie. Some more info after the jump.

If you would like to build your own feel free to download the eagle files from my repo. Here is a shopping cart at Digikey with the parts listen and their labels: http://www.digikey.ca/short/tbhm0c – I’m not sure how long these links last, but well try it out.

Here is a little breakdown of how to use the board. Piezo_Energy_Harvester

It doesn’t include any piezo elements but you can try out the Mide ones. They are a little expensive but are designed for harvesting so its kind of like a fail-safe to test out your board. They are interesting, but be careful I managed to break mine because I was too rough with it.

Any piezo element that can output the correct voltage range should work find. Read the LTC3588 Datasheet.

I would love to see some wireless projects set up with this.


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