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Past Project: DIY CNC Mill – Pictures


I would say that this was probably my very first project in the field of robotics. When I was finishing up my last year of high school – maybe 2007? – somewhere online I discovered a world of DIY CNC machines; I had to make one myself. This is a little blast from the past since just today I rediscovered the following pictures. This was such a fun project and I learned a lot from it. Sadly after I finished it, it didn’t get much use. I had power supply and table alignment issues, and a lack of funding to fix it. The best part of this project is the inspiration it gave to my friend, John Grimsmo. After seeing it, this got him into CNC machines and he is now running a successful business using them – http://www.grimsmoknives.com/
Hit more to see more pictures of my first hacked together CNC machine.

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Quick Hack: LiPo Battery Improvements

I have inadvertently broken the solder joints on a few of these batteries just from using them on a couple of small projects. It was time for that to stop. A quick video of what I do to prevent the solder joints from breaking, and how to make the connectors be less aggressive in their plug. 20 seconds out of your day to reduce the wear of the batteries.

All these LiPos are from SparkFun.

Quick Hack: Crank Flashlight Repair

Crank Flashlight With Leads

Crank Flashlight With Leads

The other night there was a power outage in our area, so naturally all of the flashlights are brought out so everyone is able to see. There have been these crank flashlight hanging around for years, and I actually cannot remember the last time they held a charge. They would light up when you crank them, but the batteries were long gone, or so I thought.

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