Idle Hands Project Archives is a place where anything and everything to do with technology and hacking will fit in quite well. It is where all of the projects that happen in our spare time will be on display as well as tutorials and cool things found around the internet. If you have any projects you would like to share please email them to Sean@idlehandsdev.com

Meet the team:

Sean Hodgins: 

Yeah I'm at the zoo, and too cool.

I am currently doing my Masters at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in the Mechanical Engineer. In my spare time I enjoy building and working with robotics, programming, and building completely useless electronics. I used to only make projects that were temporary and would get reused one I was finished with them. I am starting to make more refined and presentable projects that are open source and available to the public. I do a lot of design work and have completed co-op terms at Honda R&D where I used CATIA on a continuous basis.  I started this site to entice myself to do more and learn more; The blank pages are just motivation.

I can be contacted directly at Sean.hodginsa@gmail.com

Message me on Twitter! @idlehandsdev!


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