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Wearable-Technology Conference in San Fran!

Ring Blinking

On the 8th and 9th of July 2014, there will be an annual wearable-technology conference held in San Francisco. I believe this is the 12th conference Wearable Technologies has organized. This year I have been asked to speak at the conference about my Peltier Ring! You can see the details about the conference here:

I am very excited to see all of the new technologies that will be shown at this event. Also excited to go back to San Fran. If anyone – makers, hackers, fans – want to see the ring and are not able to attend the conference, please let me know, I will be exploring the city all week and networking as much as possible! I would love to check out some hackerspaces as well. If anyone knows the hot spots, let me know!




A Good Day for a New Site.

On May 13th a new site is born, and coincidentally so was I 25 years ago today. My name is Sean Hodgins and I have created the Idle Hands Project Archives with my friend Abdul Shehata. The Idle Hands Project should bring you many hacks, codes, and completely useless gadgets in the near future. Harmless in nature these posts will include but are not limited to, Arduino projects, robotics, programming, wifi and bluetooth hacking, and anything and everything computers. Intrigued by home hackers of all sorts we would love to see your own projects, so please feel free to send them to . This site will mainly be dedicated to our own projects, but are not apposed to posting those of other that are impressive and fitting to the site. Stop by and look out for upcoming updates for newly posted projects.

Now its time to work on a site design and log; But maybe I will sleep first.

-Sean Hodgins