Fidget Spinner Poll and Giveaway!

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

The Poll is now over and I have starter a Kickstarter using the Result! Five Dollar Fidget Spinner!

I finally have a bunch of proven designs available in my Shapeways Store, and I want to find out which design people really prefer. I’m holding this giveaway in hopes that I will be able to find that answer! All you have to do is vote for your favourite design(below) and you will be entered into a draw. You can build up more entries by doing the other options, but they are not mandatory. There will be 5 winners! More info and the poll/raffle after the jump!

What is a fidget spinner? Watch this video.

I will be giving away 5 designs(2 with bearings) of the winners choosing from what I have available(See image). Winner order is priority, so if a design is chosen before the other winner they will have to pick another design. Here are the designs available:


Giving away(5 Separate Winners):

  • 2 x Completed Fidget Spinners(Bearings)
  • 3 x Fidget Spinner Bodies(Supply your own bearings)

Bearings can be found at any skate shop.

All of the designs can be found in my Shapeways Store(Click here).
Find a design you like and it will be listed below in the Raffle!

They can also be purchased from there as well if you don’t want to wait for the contest.

Enter and Vote Below! Raffle ends Jan. 16 2017. You will be automatically entered into all prizes.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

No purchase necessary. Winner may pick design of their choosing. First winners get first pick.
Worldwide contest, no country excluded. Shipping included. You must vote for you favourite fidget spinner design in order to enter the contest.
Valid email required as that is how I will get in touch of you if you win.
Your email will not be used in any mailing lists or contact outside of this contest, however you may be asked to join a mailing list, but not required for contest.
I retain the right to remove entries that have not done or followed the appropriate instruction (ex. selected “Become a patron” but is not actually a patron, or “Followed on twitter” but has not actually followed on twitter) – This is why I require a correct username.


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