Quick Fix: Estes Proto X Motor Replacement

protoxfixmotor-8title The other day one of the motors died out on my most used desk toys. It provides a nice 6-7 minute break when I remember that it has charged; it needed to be fixed ASAP(it keeps me sane through all the work). This one was very quick and easy. Anyone with a steady hand with a bit of soldering skill could do it. When I say “quick” I mean literally less than a minute to replace a motor on the Estes Proto X Nano.

Desolder the leads of broken motor.

protoxfixmotor-1 Pop motor out top. protoxfixmotor-2 Go to LHS and pick up some motors(if they have them.)protoxfixmotor-3 Pop new motor in. protoxfixmotor-4 Solder new motor leads. protoxfixmotor-5 Done. protoxfixmotor-6 Fly. protoxfixmotor-7 Probably didn’t need to make a post about this, but maybe it will show someone its not difficult to replace the motor on their own.  Make sure you replace the motor with the one of the same color leads and bottom. They rotate different directions.


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